Qualification Credit Framework is here!

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)

A FRAMEWORK replacing the existing NVQ’s which were part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

It is a new way and improved way of recognising skills and qualifications.  It awards credits at varying levels of achievement.  It can be done is small or larger stages - which means you get more choice, flexibility and support to achieve results with supportive (guided learning) proactive support.

The changes from what we used to know means there is no repeating, and therefore no wasting of time learning.  It is designed to be purposeful to your role and development needs.  It has guided learning - another good thing.  No more feeling abandoned - there is a responsibility to ensure your learning happens.

How is this done?  

Every unit and qualification in the framework will have both a credit value and a level:

- one credit equals 10 hours of average (guided learning hours - glh) and so the credit value shows how much time it takes to complete.

- the level shows how difficult the unit or qualification is and this can be anywhere between entry level 1 through to level 8.

Our sector currently has vocational qualifications at levels 2, 3 and 5, although this may change as the QCF continues to develop.

There are three levels of  resulting in qualifications in the QCF:

  • Award (1-12 credits)
  • Certificate (13-36 credits)
  • Diploma (above 36 credits) - NB this is not linked to the 14-19 Diploma.

In the new framework you can have an award at level 1 or an award at level 8. This is because the qualification type 'Award, Certificate, Diploma' represents the size of a qualification, not how difficult it is.